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Spooky Halloween costume ideas for your party!

Gruselige Halloween-Kostümideen für deine Party!

Costumes for parties come in all shapes and designs. They help you get in the mood and create your persona. Costumes are definitely an essential part of a proper Halloween party.

However, it's not always easy to find a suitable costume for parties, especially if you haven't dressed up often before. Although you can have any costume with just a few clicks on the Internet, it is still not easy to decide.

That's why we at LYTD have once again made it our mission to inspire you. If you're looking for costume suggestions that don't cost two months' wages, then you've come to the right place.

The simple mask

This is probably the undisputed classic. A mask, plus a somewhat casual outfit or one that matches the masquerade. You probably won't be an eye-catcher at the party, but you're not underdressed and you've “done your job”. This makes a mask perfect for people who want to put less time and energy into a disguise. However, it doesn't have to be just a mask, in combination with a red full-body suit and a Salvatore Dali mask, for example, you are ideal for the next bank robbery. Below are a few picture examples that also fit perfectly with Halloween

  • Scream, classic

  • Salvatore Dali, ready for your date with Tokyo 
  • Michael Myers, spooky for an extra kick

Make-up – mask in real life

The make-up contrasts with the mask. Basically the DIY mask. The great thing about make-up is that there are no limits to your imagination. So you can always create your own creation. You are exactly what you imagine yourself to be. However, you do need a practiced hand, otherwise you'll quickly look like a clown (like me at the Halloween party). Plus, makeup is actually available anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect, spontaneous option. Here are a few more inspiring ones

  • Dia de los muertos – the day of the dead
  • Saw – Do you want to play a game with me?

“Real” costumes

Mask and make-up can also be worn separately, with a simple outfit. But of course they don't have to, but can round off or complete your costume holistically, for example as mentioned above for Heist of Money.

There are a lot of costumes, but what will definitely be an eye-catcher this year is a Squid Game costume. The good thing about it is that the costume isn't all that complicated. White Vans, if necessary other white sneakers such as AF1 or Reebok Classic. Tracksuit in dark green and just a white shirt underneath. I think you can make a number yourself using paper or something similar. And everyone will celebrate it! Alternatives to this, as already mentioned above, would be Money Heist, Michael Myers - simply a boiler suit + mask, Scream - simply completely black and or a black poncho.

Squid Game – Are you worried about money?

Batman – The Alcohol Level Rises
ES – A bit of sewer chill

I hope we at LYTD were able to help your imagination and inspire you.
Celebrate well with your friends and don’t forget – trick or treat!

Your Andi from the LYTD® Content Team