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7 Tipps für euer Abi- oder Abschlussjahr
Abitur & Abschluss

7 tips for your high school or final year

The school year may have just begun, but prepare well for graduation. LYTD can help you with that!

Abitur & AbschlussWie man mit Prüfungsangst umgeht

How to deal with test anxiety

Exam anxiety is a widespread phenomenon that affects many schoolchildren, students and even professionals. Learn to deal with it in our blog!

Für LehrerDer moderne Klassenraum

The modern classroom

The modern classroom represents a crucial difference from the traditional classroom. It offers teachers and students the opportunity to apply more creativity and interaction.

Abitur & AbschlussAlles rund um das Abitur

Everything about the Abitur

After several strenuous and hard years of studying, the Abitur is finally approaching. We have summarized everything important for you.

Für SchülerLernmethoden für dein Abitur Teil 2 : Das Inhaltsverzeichnis

Learning methods for your Abitur Part 2: The table of contents

Learning methods for your Abitur - The table of contents. With this learning method, never bad grades and motivation to learn!

Für SchülerLernmethoden für dein Abitur Teil 1 : Pomodoro

Learning methods for your Abitur Part 1: Pomodoro

Pomodoro - The interval method of learning. By dividing study time and break time sensibly, you can achieve the balancing act between focus and break with Pomodoro!