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Creative ideas for your school project

Kreative Ideen für dein Schulprojekt

Schools teach students all sorts of things: academic skills, common sense, and even social skills. And while the academic side of school is important, it's not the only thing students should learn. That's why we've put together a list of creative school project ideas that will get you thinking about your education in a way you may never have before.

The ideas in this list are perfect for students from elementary through middle school and high school who are looking for ways to show their creativity and not just be good at tests.

The first steps:

Carrying out a school project is often not an easy task. There are lots of ways to do something, but most of them don't feel like "enough." So if you're struggling to find creative ideas for school projects, then this article is for you!

Many people don't think about it before they start, but the first step to coming up with a creative idea for a school project is knowing what the topic or idea is going to be about. The best way to do this is to pay attention in class and do your own initial research.

Once you have found your topic or idea, the second step is to think about how you can make it creative and different from all the other projects being done in schools around the world. You should also concentrate on what interests you, because then the creative aspect will be much easier!

The Eating Connection: How food connects people

There is little that connects people more than food. And school is the perfect place to bring people together. People with a wide variety of religions, origins, interests and age groups move here. However, they all have something in common - everyone in this group loves food in one way: The Eating Connection - The school project that connects everyone.

For example, this could be taken up over a whole week in a variety of school subjects:

  • Biological structure of food (bit boring, I know..) - Biology
  • How did our ancestors eat? - Story
  • Where does our current food come from and where is it grown? - Geography
  • Eating culture and rules in different religions - Religion
  • The connection between food and the environment – ​​ethics

    ... and much more.

    With these topics you can easily contribute something to any subject for a week (maybe not math, but no one is paying attention anyway lol).

    As the culmination of your project, you organize a food afternoon in which you and your team or class organize a variety of dishes from students and teachers and which you can then enjoy together in the cafeteria.

    Sustainability so that our children can also carry out school projects

    The topic of environmental protection and sustainability is also one of the central core values ​​at LYTD®. Therefore, it makes sense that we also try to educate you and other people when it comes to protecting our planet.

    For example, a school project could look like this:

    • You choose an item (clothes, food, cell phone)
    • You examine various aspects of this subject and connect them with several subjects, for example:
    • Are the resources being mined fairly? – Ethics
    • Why is it so important? – Social studies/society
    • Are there alternative options? – different subjects

      ... and much more.

      Finally, display your study graphically at school, with a strong message and alternatives that are better for the environment. In addition, you can work with us to introduce a sustainable and, above all, stylish collection to your school with an individual design for your school. If you are interested in this and would like to know how you can start such a project free of charge and without any effort, then simply order our free information package

      Sport is murder, but not for a sense of community

      Corona is slowly coming to an end, and therefore more and more things are possible. Why don't you organize a classic football tournament, students against teachers? Or an entire Olympic competition in which the whole school competes together. I think almost anything is possible here, and sport is also extremely healthy.

      I hope we at LYTD® were able to give your creativity a little boost. If so, please share this article with your classmates!

      Best regards,

      Andi from LYTD®