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Learning methods for your Abitur Part 2: The table of contents

Lernmethoden für dein Abitur Teil 2 : Das Inhaltsverzeichnis

The new school year is just around the corner and for many of you it is already the last. Now it's time for the final sprint and step on the gas. But the motivation is missing? Understandable. But of course that doesn't have to be the case. Often it is simply the method that makes learning tiring and lengthy. That's why we at LYTD are once again helping you get the most out of your learning time.

The table of contents, a classic
Yes, exactly. This learning method is called nothing other than table of contents. The table of contents at the front of your math book, where you look for the page number of the new chapter with feelings of depression and pain. But it doesn't get that bad here, at least as long as you don't study for math 😉

A table of contents breaks down an entire piece of content into several chapters and subchapters. And that is exactly a huge advantage when learning. Why?

  1. You deal intensively with what the topic actually is, or what is included
  2. You get to know the connections and can then divide them into chapters
  3. Precise scheduling/planning, as you have a direct overview of what is still open or what you have already learned

    These are just a few of the reasons why a table of contents can be extremely effective as a learning method. In addition to the material advantages, the psychological side also plays an important role here, because:

    1. The Zeigarnik Effect -> People hate unfinished tasks. A table of contents makes it clear at a glance what is still missing. This puts you under “healthy” pressure to perform and you definitely want to complete all learning areas.
    2. The feeling of achievement when you can cross something out in the register because you have already learned it. This gives motivation and strengthens your self-confidence for work.
    3. Prevention of Parkonian Law . Parkonian's law states that work always adapts exactly to the time available for it. In other words, if you don't set a deadline, you do everything at the last minute (who doesn't know that). Since the register ensures order from the very beginning + a deadline = easy learning

      When this method makes the most sense
      Admittedly, if you are writing a vocabulary test or a paper in which exactly ONE topic appears, then this method is a bit too well-intentioned. However, the people who have final exams this school year should take this method to heart. Because there are a lot of topics there and the overview is quickly lost - but not with a table of contents.

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