Sustainability in the fashion/textile industry

Nachhaltigkeit in der Modebranche/ Textilindustrie

When the topic of sustainability is taken up in the media, references are often made to the automotive industry, the shipping industry or air traffic. This is of course justified, because there is great potential for optimization here, be it in reducing CO2 or one of the many other factors that have a decisive influence on the environment.

Unfortunately, the topic of sustainability is mentioned far too rarely in the fashion industry or in the textile industry in general and is therefore forgotten by many people

However, anyone who dares to look outside the box or who has additional information through an extraordinary interest in the topic of sustainability knows how great the influence there is on people and the climate. Interested in numbers? The share of pure cotton cultivation in global CO2 emissions is a staggering 10%. ( )

We want to get to the bottom of this and many other (terrifying) facts in the area of ​​“sustainability in the fashion industry” and present them in our multi-part blog series. We want to shed light on the entire development process and address the possible dangers, optimization potential and simply errors.

At the same time, we would also like to provide solution-oriented input that, in addition to error analysis, should also provide practical, realistic and sustainably changing added value.

The blog will appear on our website at regular intervals. If you don't want to miss this exciting series, you can subscribe to our newsletter to always be kept up to date.

In the first article we want to take a closer look at the cultivation of cotton...

Until then!

Your Florian from LYTD

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