Rupert-Ness-Gymnasium Ottobeuren (Graduation 2020)

Rupert-Ness-Gymnasium Ottobeuren (Abi 2020)

Together with the graduating class of the Rupert-Ness High School in Ottobeuren, we designed and produced hoodies and T-shirts for their graduation. Our designers created 3 designs based on their motto “Abi Vegas” from which they chose the final. When it comes to graduation clothes, it is important to us that the designs are contemporary and that the high school graduates can also wear them in their everyday lives and combine them in their outfits.

The special thing about this project was that we used our new 100% recycled textiles for production for the first time. Made from 40% recycled plastic bottles and 60% recycled organic cotton. Furthermore, as always, fair trade, 90% CO² reduced and a tree was planted in Africa for every product sold. More at:

We produced black unisex hoodies and white T-shirts with the “Abi Vegas” print for the Rupert Ness High School.

When it came to the design, we naturally wanted to depict the eponymous city of Las Vegas with its striking silhouette and play with summery colors.

When it came to typography, we went in a fashionable “vintage” direction with a Gothic font.

Unisex, perfect fit for boys and girls. For the perfect style on your high school trip.


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