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How do I apply correctly?

Wie bewerbe ich mich richtig?

Especially after graduating from high school, the topic of “application” is usually the first priority. While you usually only need a formal sample application to study, things look completely different on the job market. We at LYTD have therefore made it our mission to show you how to write the best application and definitely be invited to an interview!

First prepare:

The be-all and end-all, as in so many areas, is preparation. Find out about your desired career first. Is it more of a creative or industrial job? That alone can make a big difference in how you approach an application. Please also find out about other applications on the internet. But ATTENTION!: No copy-paste, but being inspired is never a bad thing.

It's all about the looks:

As is often the case in real life, first impressions are very important. It should actually go without saying that your application has no stains, for example. But no creases, hairs or poor print quality significantly reduce the chances of your application being read at all.

Length and form of an application:

The application letter itself is never longer than one page. As short as possible and as long as necessary! The CV itself should be arranged chronologically and divided into bullet points and not into continuous text. If you are applying for a creative profession, the form of the application should of course not be generalized. Your creative skills are needed here! But even with a creative application, information must not be neglected!

The cover letter:

Probably the most important part of your application, but at the same time also the most difficult. While you already have all the information for your resume, the cover letter has to come entirely from your head. This can make some people despair. But it doesn't matter, because we at LYTD are always there for students! That's why we have a short checklist for you that is guaranteed to make your cover letter a success!

  • Sender with name, address, telephone number, email address
  • Recipient address with company name, contact person name, address
  • Date
  • Subject related to the advertised position (e.g. “Application as Marketing Manager, job advertisement on traumjobportal.de”)
  • Salutation with specific contact person (e.g. “Dear Mr. Müller-Meier”)
  • Short introduction
  • Brief description of the strengths and knowledge in relation to the advertised position, with an example
  • Why are you applying to this company in particular?
  • Additional knowledge that may be useful for the position
  • possibly references
  • When can you start the position? If necessary, state the notice period
  • Salary expectations, if requested in the advertisement
  • Final sentence
  • Greeting formula
  • Signature (for email applications: not absolutely necessary)
  • Attachments (for email as PDF): CV, references, certificates

    Source: Application: How do you apply correctly? Tips on the topic | Career (merkur.de)

    The course of your life:

    As already briefly mentioned before, the CV is roughly based on two criteria

    1. Your previous activities arranged chronologically
    2. Divided into bullet points and individual headings for the different areas (jobs, hobbies)

      There are a number of templates on the internet for your CV, so you really don’t have to panic 😊

      Facilities – an important point!

      Finally, of course, come your systems. This includes everything that you have been recognized for so far or for which you have received an award. Project grades, certificates (hopefully a good one 😉), internships, voluntary work, etc. You may be able to really score points here, and I don't just mean with your certificate. Many employers now place great value on commitment. So if, for example, you have worked on a voluntary basis or completed an FSJ, then definitely come in!


      Stay true to yourself in your application. Of course you have to adapt your language a bit, after all it's not a WhatsApp conversation, but don't say something that doesn't apply to you at all. It's always possible to lie a little, but by the time you get to the interview you'll notice whether the application is an authentic fit for you or not. Keep it real. And get proofread!!

      We wish you much success with your future applications!

      Your Andi from LYTD Fashion