LYTD in the Allgäuer Zeitung

LYTD in der Allgäuer Zeitung
ANJA WORSCHECH from the Allgäuer Zeitung interviewed us, Florian Schimmer and Vincent Azimian from LYTD Fashion, and the student representatives and the headmaster of the CVL Gymnasium Kempten in March 2020 about our last project there and our start-up.
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Kempten - The portrait of the German engineer Carl von Linde has recently been emblazoned on many T-shirts and sweaters of the students at the Carl von Linde High School in Kempten. The young people decided on a school collection in order to strengthen the sense of community at events such as the summer festival and in everyday school life. "We think it's really cool when you come in and everyone is wearing the same T-shirt ," says student representative Katharina Schindele, explaining the idea.
This is intended to create an identity for all new students in the fifth grade, "they should feel like they are in good hands ," adds student representative Oskar Brausewetter. As a "fair trade school", which is also on the way to becoming a "climate school", came for the Linde students only considered a sustainable fashion label. They found their right partner in the young fair fashion company "LYTD Fashion".
The founders Florian Schimmer (20) and Vincent Azimian (20) from Memmingen have made it their mission to produce fair and sustainable school fashion. The CVL is the second school alongside the Marianum Buxheim near Memmingen that they equip with fair fashion.
The students want to draw attention to the topic of sustainability in the fashion sector. And that without pointing fingers, explains Florian Schimmer, student of international management. For him and Azimian, what counts is producing affordable, fashionable and sustainable textiles.
Cost factor: CVL students pay 45 euros for a sweater and 20 euros for a T-shirt. "That's totally okay ," says Oskar Brausewetter. The quality is very good and the fashion is certified. The label had around 100 sweaters, 100 T-shirts and 50 carrier bags made for the high school students. This means that almost half of the students wear them a product with the distinctive Carl von Linde print. Headmaster Hermann Brücklmayr thinks the students' initiative is "super" .
The founders of their fashion label “LYTD” rely on environmental standards and fair pay. The cotton comes from organic farming and the production is as CO2-free as possible through the use of renewable energies. The founders also ensure that their fashion bears the seal of “ Fair Wear Foundation" and is "GOTS" certified: These seals guarantee controlled organic cultivation and ethical-social working conditions throughout the entire production chain. Every step of the work is transparent and visible, says Azimian.
The label also works with the “Trees for the future” initiative . This means that a tree is planted in Africa for every product sold.
The textiles are still manufactured in Bangladesh and Turkey. In the future, the founding duo plans to keep transport routes as short as possible and move production to Europe. In terms of volume, however, this is not yet profitable at the moment.
The name of the fashion label “LYTD” stands for “Loose yourself to dance” . The original idea of ​​the passionate break dancers was to make dance clothes. The two of them have now given up on their previous hobby - and are full of “fever” for sustainable school fashion.

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