LYTD Fashion in the FairTrade newsletter

LYTD Fashion im FairTrade Newsletter
Fair pay for textile workers is just as important to LYTD Fashion as the sustainable and environmentally friendly production of the textiles we offer. It is therefore important that we can rely on the certification bodies and build deep trust.
In addition to the FairWear Foundation, the products in our FairTrade range are, as the name suggests, FairTrade certified. Fairtrade ensures that consumers, companies and producer organizations are connected and changes trade through better and, above all, fairer prices for small farming families, as well as humane working conditions for workers on plantations in developing and emerging countries.
We work closely with TransFair eV or FairTrade and were presented in the last “FairTrade Schools” newsletter as a sustainable and fair alternative for school and graduation fashion.
We are already looking forward to further collaboration and hope to be able to achieve a lot of good things in the textile industry together with our partners.
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