Carl-von-Linde Gymnasium Kempten 2020

Carl-von-Linde Gymnasium Kempten 2020

Collection : Fall / Winter 2020

Connection to the namesake.

We all noticed the “Fridays For Future” demonstrations all over Germany. In order to bring about change and find a way out of the current downward spiral, it is also important to follow words, slogans and banners with one thing: actions. And that's exactly what the CVL Gymnasium in Kempten decided to do together with LYTD.

Eli & Jana from the SMV of the CVL Kempten
Eli & Jana from the SMV of the CVL Kempten

All products in the collection are made from 100% organic cotton, fairly traded, 90% CO² reduced and a tree was planted in Africa for every product sold. More at:

Contribution as a “Fairtrade” school

The student representatives have decided to have the school clothing produced sustainably and fairly in collaboration with LYTD® Fashion. This decision is the consequence that you want to make as a contribution to your “Fair Trade School”.

Connection to Carl von Linde

We produced a collection with a “Carl von Linde” print. When it came to the design, we deliberately wanted to depict the school's patron prominently on the clothes in order to create awareness among the students about the history of the school and, on the other hand, to use the image as an innovative design element for the collection.

We produced black unisex hoodies and white T-shirts with the “Carl von Linde” print for the CVL Kempten.

When it came to typography, we clearly went in a modern direction using a thick sans serif font. There were also “CARL VON LINDE” gym bags and tote bags with the founding year, which is also on the hoodies and shirts.

Passion for fair fashion

Through the project, they want to demonstrate an alternative and more sustainable path together with the students. At the same time, the outfits with their high recognition value offer the opportunity to further deepen their close feeling of togetherness at CVL and start a stylish school project.