Ochsenhausen High School (Collection 2022)

Gymnasium Ochsenhausen (Kollektion 2022)

The right time & perseverance

The Ochsenhausen Gymnasium is a state high school in the city of Ochsenhausen and the surrounding area in the Biberach district in Upper Swabia. Our personal history with the Ochsenhausen high school goes back a little longer. Unfortunately, no project was implemented with us at that time. The timing just wasn't right.

Nevertheless, we kept at it. We were on site at the Ochsenhausen secondary school a few times to present our new processes and products. Then a few teachers from the Ochsenhausen high school took notice of us again. Apparently now was the right time for a project.

Why students and teachers need to work together.

It was these teachers who mainly initiated the project. Above all, after the long home schooling times, they wanted to increase the commitment among the students again and strengthen the sense of community at the school with an emotional project and a new, sustainable collection. After the basic framework conditions could be clarified quickly and efficiently with the teachers and the school management was also on board, they also brought the SMV on board. Our experience has shown that when it comes to new school uniforms, the students should always be involved in order for the project and design to be successful.

So we started the design phase of the new collection together with the new student representatives and the SMV. The collaboration was once again a complete success. Communication was very easy and quick. The feedback in the design process was always effective. The student representatives usually know exactly what makes their classmates tick and what we should pay attention to when designing. The perfect interaction between proximity to the target group and professional design advice from us.

What was important in the design was that we used modern typography in addition to the school logo. The current trend is very much towards thick and slightly compressed bold fonts. This is also the case with the backprint of the Ochsenhausen high school. We tried different styles of which the students chose the following. However, the modern and professionally designed logo of the high school made our work on this project much easier.

Step by step to the right design.

Here you can see our original three designs for the Ochsenhausen high school. The first two designs had a bit of an Asian twist, as 2022 happens to be the Year of the Ox in the Chinese calendar. That seemed very fitting to us, along with the name of the city and the school. Chinese characters also have a certain aesthetic quality. The first design is more reminiscent of a college style, whereas the second design is a bit more modern.

The new sustainable collection from the Ochsenhausen high school

The new collection was now fully designed. We started with the pre-order phase in the Ochsenhausen high school's individual shop, which we set up specifically for this purpose. After the pre-order phase, we finally produced the goods and sent them to the students. SMV received an order list from us to distribute the goods. Below you can see the results of our professional shooting, which we gave to the Ochsenhausen high school to celebrate the successful project with our favorite content creator Alessandro Kühnl from contentRun .

And the best thing: Neither the Ochsenhausen high school nor the SMV paid for any of our services. This is all part of our LYTD® 360° service.

The Ochsenhausen High School 2022 collection

Here you can see all the sustainable products that were available for the collection. We will probably start a second pre-order phase in the new school year. We look forward to further collaboration.

If you are also a teacher or student and would like to start such a project at your school, then contact us now for a free, non-binding conversation or request a free offer directly.


We look forward to seeing you!
Your Vincent from LYTD®