Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten (Fall / Winter 2021)

Hildegardis Gymnasium Kempten (Fall / Winter 2021)

The coat of arms of Hildegardis Grammar School is actually somewhat reminiscent of the coats of arms of the four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Almost as magical as these films was the collaboration with the student representatives Amy, Fabio and Sergen from the Hildegardis Gymnasium in Kempten, with everyone involved working on all the details to create the more than successful end result.

What was particularly impressive was not only the eye for detail, but also the pure commitment that Hildegardi's students brought with them and thus had an incredible impact on this project.

The student representatives of the Hildegradis Gmynasium in Kempten even created a video about the collection to promote it and thus contributed a huge part to the success of the project.

Most attention was probably paid to the QR code because, after working with many different variants, it leads to the digital timetable that only learners at Hildegardis Gymnasium can access.

Looking back, the project was a super successful collaboration in which we learned a lot of new things. Would you like to make your school more stylish with sustainable products? Well then you know what you have to do. Because together we can promote your community, create stylish pieces for you and at the same time make a positive contribution to the environment.