Corporate Fashion

BMW Munich branch

BMW Niederlassung München
The BMW Munich branch worked with LYTD Fashion to design and produce sustainable sweaters for the youth and trainee representatives. The focus of the cooperation is on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Sustainable fashion

Sustainability in textile production is becoming increasingly important. It protects the environment and ensures better working conditions in production. The use of environmentally friendly materials reduces the carbon footprint and puts less strain on nature. Sustainable fashion is not only good for the environment, but also for society and the people involved in production.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The BMW Munich branch and LYTD Fashion take responsibility for the environment and society. By collaborating on sustainable sweaters, they are setting an example for corporate social responsibility. Both companies attach great importance to acting sustainably and working towards a better future. You can find out more about sustainability at LYTD Fashion here:

The design process & style

The sustainable sweaters were designed by LYTD Fashion. As usual, attention was paid to environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production. The design is also modern and attractive. LYTD Fashion has enormous design standards and aims to make the products particularly appealing to young target groups. The JAV actively participated in the design process to ensure that the sweaters met the needs of the youth and trainee representatives.

The production

The sustainable sweaters were produced taking environmental aspects and fair working conditions into account. LYTD Fashion only works with suppliers who have the same high standards in terms of sustainability and comply with working conditions.

The sale

The sustainable BMW sweaters could be pre-ordered via the LYTD Fashion online shop. Here, JAV members were able to order the environmentally friendly sweaters and at the same time set an example for sustainability.


The cooperation between LYTD Fashion and the BMW Munich branch for sustainable sweaters is an example of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in textile production. The use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production make an important contribution to reducing environmental pollution. By purchasing the sweaters, JAV members were able to make a statement for sustainability while wearing high-quality, modern clothing.