Abitur & Abschluss

7 tips for your high school or final year

7 Tipps für euer Abi- oder Abschlussjahr

The school year has only just begun, but the final exam is already noticeably hanging over people's minds like an invisible veil. The last year of high school can be very exciting. Learning stress, fear of failure, graduation prank, graduation trip. All this in one year – hallelujah. But don't worry, we at LYTD have once again made it our mission to give you tips for the individual segments that have arisen over the last year. So don't worry, be happy and read our blog 😉

Planning the final year of graduation

As already mentioned, there have been a lot of organizational things, especially in the last year. Therefore, it is good to have a brief overview of the things you should pay attention to.


Without money nothing works. I think everyone is aware of that. But as we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees; you have to earn it yourself. The easiest way to generate some cash flow (sorry, Business Administration Justus got away with it again) is simply to have your classmates pay in once or regularly. This is usually a healthy foundation, but unfortunately you won't conquer the world (or your high school diploma) with it. So – baking cakes, selling locally on the weekend (old school I know), throwing graduation parties and charging admission, looking for sponsors, soccer tournaments and much more. That should be the first incentive for your Abi side hustle. There are various so-called “fundraising” methods to collect money as a class. With us, for example, you can also introduce a sustainable collection with us at your school and add €2-3 in our shop. You will then receive the difference directly from us in cash. The more people order, the more your class earns. If this is interesting for you, you can find out more here .


Of course, you need a motto throughout the year that will faithfully support you through the misery of the last year. A saying that is cool and that you like to remember and don't try to bury it deep in your consciousness. But don't worry, we at LYTD have our own page with more than enough inspiration for you, just have a look - Abi Mottos


You have your cool saying and are ready to show the world that you are definitely the best graduating class ever? Then you definitely need Abimerch to carry your motto out into the world. Just represent. And ideally with a design that you can still wear after graduation without being embarrassed. For example, we are committed to ensuring that in the end a real fashion collection is created instead of cheap merch. There are countless options here, but we at LYTD are here to help you through the entire process. Free design, free shop, free marketing, free logistics & fulfillment – ​​see for yourself! Request a free quote now.


Do you still need dresses or a suit for your prom? Then now is the best time. Firstly, you have enough time to find the right piece and secondly, graduation dresses are even cheaper for women at the moment because the season is simply not here yet. Once you have found the right outfit and you look beautiful (you do anyway), then you have to organize a good DJ who, after the normal procedure of eating, drinking, dancing, this, will really tear the place down. There is usually a music junkie in the class who is happy to take on this task, you just have to ask around. Otherwise, you can easily search for and hire DJs and photographers for your prom on platforms like weltklassejungs.de or evely.com .

Graduation trip

This is where opinions usually differ. Even if it is not easy to stick to the same motto in a year, it is usually very difficult at the final trip. The climate in the class has changed quite a bit here one or two times 😁 Lloret de Mar, Corfu, Novalja, London - the list goes on forever... but one thing is certain, once the decision is made, this trip will definitely be unforgettable. You can also consult Abireise organizers such as ruf.de , clever-abi or X-Jam .

Graduation newspaper

Of course you want to remember your high school years, ideally with photos, sayings, texts or something similar. The high school newspaper is best suited for this. Organizing this isn't the easiest because every single classmate has something to contribute, even if it's just a picture. So be sure to start on time and set enough deadlines so that the students stick to the deadlines 😉 If someone in your year knows something about graphic design, there are often very good and free templates on Canva or Freepik . Otherwise, there are of course also providers on the Internet.

Preparation for the exam

I know, a very tiresome topic - but even if everything surrounding it is the graduation trip, graduation party and co. It's a lot of fun, don't forget that you also have to complete some exams. We at LYTD have written two articles about how you can learn very effectively - just take a look if you feel like it

Learning methods for your Abitur Part 1: Pomodoro
Learning methods for your Abitur Part 2: The table of contents

We hope our little guide will help you bring some light into the darkness! We wish you much success and enjoy your last school year, it is the best time of your life! And if you don't know what to do after graduating, click here .
Peace out, your Andi from LYTD®