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Abitur Nachhilfe: Effektive Vorbereitung für dein Abitur
Abitur & Abschluss

Abitur tutoring: Effective preparation for your Abitur

As the momentous high school exams approach, every student wants to ensure that they are fully prepared to pass the demanding tests and ensure their future success. The Abitur, also known as the ...

Abitur & AbschlussVorbereitung aufs Abi: Tipps und Tricks für den Erfolg

Preparing for high school: tips and tricks for success

Prepare successfully for your Abitur! Find out useful tips and tricks for an effective final year in our how-to guide!

Abitur & Abschluss7 Tipps für euer Abi- oder Abschlussjahr

7 tips for your high school or final year

The school year may have just begun, but prepare well for graduation. LYTD can help you with that!

Abitur & AbschlussAbi Pulli selbst gestalten

Design your own graduation sweater

Discover creative ideas to design your individual graduation sweater. Personalize your graduation sweater now!

Abitur & AbschlussIdeen für die Sommerferien als Schüler

Ideas for summer vacation as a student

Discover exciting summer vacation ideas for students to make the holiday season meaningful and fun. Enjoy unforgettable adventures and learn new things.

Abitur & AbschlussWie man mit Prüfungsangst umgeht

How to deal with test anxiety

Exam anxiety is a widespread phenomenon that affects many schoolchildren, students and even professionals. Learn to deal with it in our blog!

Abitur & AbschlussAufmerksamkeitsspanne durch Social Media

Attention span through social media

Our attention span through social media. In this blog we explain how social media affects our attention. Learn more!