Abitur & Abschluss

Graduation passed: And what now?

Abi bestanden: Und was jetzt?

“What should I do after high school?”

This is the question that everyone who is approaching their last year of school or is already in the middle of it asks themselves. Admittedly, the answer to the question is not easy. It is individual and completely different for each person. Having been in this tricky situation ourselves, we know how frustrating this question that so many people seem to ask themselves can be. That's why we at LYTD have made it our mission to help you and bring light into the darkness of the post-high school period.


Do something voluntary after graduation? Popular with employers! After you graduate from school, you have the opportunity to do a FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) or a FÖJ (Voluntary Ecological Year). You can basically do an FSJ in social areas (who would have guessed from the name 😉). These include institutions such as Caritas, the Johanniter or the German Red Cross. The areas of application can vary greatly and therefore caution is advised when making your selection. A voluntary ecological year usually takes place in areas of (who would have thought) nature. Areas of application can include environmental protection, among other things. The duration of your activity is identical:

  • 6 months at least
  • 18 months maximum

    Federal Voluntary Service

    Here you will primarily work in civil and disaster protection. The BFD is essentially a replacement for the no longer compulsory military service. It largely serves as a replacement for the FSJ and is used to increase engagement among the population.

    Going abroad voluntarily? It's a pleasure!
    As an alternative to the voluntary offers just mentioned, there is also the possibility of doing all of these abroad. This is called volunteering abroad. The biggest advantage here is that you not only do social work and give something back to the population, but at the same time you may also get to know a new culture or language. This has a double learning effect.

    Bundeswehr / Voluntary military service

    Although compulsory military service has been abolished, military service still exists, only it is now on a voluntary basis. Opinions about the Bundeswehr are very controversial, but it can be a formative time. Being in the Bundeswehr no longer just means stupidly playing around with the weapon, but the areas of responsibility are wide-ranging. After all, the federal government is Germany's largest employer and has a place for pretty much every professional group.

    The tried and tested internship
    Would you like to sniff around the world of work, but at the same time you don't want to commit to a longer period of time, even several months? Then an internship is usually the perfect choice. With an internship you can take a look into a professional field and, thanks to your commitment, get to see first-hand what it means to pursue this profession. The advantages are that you are very independent and can try out many different things. Plus, if you do well, the company will remember you, which can always be a plus when applying for a job in the future. The only disadvantage is that you usually get no or only a slight “remuneration”.

    Simply go straight into the world of work
    Of course, you can also plunge straight into the world of work, but caution is advised here. Without qualification, the remuneration is usually lower and it is usually difficult to get into other areas later without training or study. In addition, money is tempting, and so it has often happened that people who just wanted to work for a year have now been doing so for 20 years, in a job that they don't actually like.

    Work and Travel – The best time

    After graduating from high school, the best time is actually to start working and traveling. In most cases, you still live at home, don't have any major fixed costs and no responsibility towards a family, for example. So apart from the financial aspect, nothing prevents you from working abroad. Your English skills should also be top-notch thanks to your recent high school diploma. Take advantage of the opportunity if you can and want to do it. You can also combine such trips with language courses, or you can learn a lot while traveling anyway!

    Studying – the classic

    Starting a course of study after graduating from high school is an absolute classic. It definitely makes sense, as with a high school diploma you can study anywhere in Germany. In general, it would be beyond the scope to list all the degree programs available, but in short, there is definitely something for everyone! What we will take a closer look at are the different ways in which you can complete a course of study.

    Basically, there are the classic Bachelor/Master courses, or the dual study program in which you work in a company at the same time or part-time. Which you think is better is individual and difficult to say, both have their advantages and disadvantages. With the dual study program you learn to apply what you have learned directly in practice, whereas the well-known form has proven itself and no theoretical parts are neglected.

    Long story short:

    All in all, all that remains to be said is, do what you feel is right! Only you can answer whether the decision is right or wrong. Work and travel, FSJ, studying - everything has its ifs and buts. We don't recommend just sitting out and chilling for a whole year. It sounds tempting at first, but it usually doesn't get you anywhere and the gap in your CV is difficult to explain to potential employers.

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    In any case, we wish you all the best for your future!

    Your Andi from LYTD