Abitur & Abschluss

Everything about the Abitur

Alles rund um das Abitur

After several strenuous and hard years of studying, the Abitur is finally approaching. But in addition to all the written and oral exams, there are also many other aspects that the Abitur brings. In order not to forget the entire overview of the Abitur, the most important subject areas and the best information about them are now listed below.

Graduation ball

Definitely the highlight of the entire year – the prom. An entire evening is planned to toast the beautiful years that have now been behind us with colleagues and friends. Usually a special topic is chosen, which is chosen by the entire year. Various groups are then formed to plan the ball in the best possible way. Good examples of this are groups for the catering, the decorations, the entertainment including midnight events and of course the ball committee, which are, so to speak, the managers of the entire event. One of the most important points that affects everyone involved is finding sponsors. The graduation ball is also financed through ticket sales at the evening box office.

Graduation trip

This is usually the one thing students look forward to the most. The entire class goes on their own trip and has a really good time. In most cases, the Abitur trip takes place after the Abitur itself has been successfully completed. This means we can toast this milestone one last time before most of the students part ways.

The type of Abitur trip can of course be determined for each class. Many people rent their own boats or villas for a week or ten days and celebrate there together. Of course, there are also special companies that specialize in these trips. Companies such as “XJAM” or “Summersplash” offer high school graduates a complete all-round package with lots of music, a good atmosphere, hundreds of other graduations and of course alcohol. These small festivals are popular because everything is actually inclusive and, above all, you don't have to worry about anything.

Graduation newspaper

In order not to simply forget the entire last few years, an Abitur newspaper is produced every year, either within the class or by the entire year. This generally includes a profile of each individual student so that they are not forgotten later. In addition, you can often find the best and funniest photos that have been taken and collected over the years. These are essential for recalling emotions and remembering special trips and moments.


In order to be able to relax a little before the Abitur, most schools celebrate a theme week in the last week of the preparation phase. Here the entire year group dresses up for a week based on a variety of mottos, which change every day. In this way, the high school graduates can let off a little steam shortly before the exams and face the otherwise strict everyday school life a little more relaxed.

The mottos for this are chosen by the students themselves. The most popular are: film and series characters, gender swap, hippies or business. Unfortunately, this tradition is not tolerated in a few schools and must therefore be canceled.

Graduation hoodies & graduation clothing

If you are approaching the end of your last school year, you will of course also have to take care of your graduation hoodies or graduation clothing. Even if you often don't have the head or desire for it, it's simply a tradition that will remind you of your school days for a long time. That's why the item of clothing should be a little special and, above all, so stylish that you can still wear it without a cringe in a few years. So that you have as little stress as possible, we take care of the design, the products and the entire organization of orders and payments. We have already worked with over 40 schools to produce stylish and sustainable graduation clothing that can still be worn after graduation.

We hope you enjoyed our little Abi guide. If you still need support with your graduation hoodies and don't feel like dealing with it, simply request a free quote from us and we'll do the rest!

Good luck with graduation and for the future.

Your Andi from LYTD