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Blackfriday – secure bargains and discounts with LYTD®

Blackfriday – Schnäppchen und Rabatte sichern mit LYTD®

It's that time again. Just like every year, this year is Black Friday again. In celebration of a stock market crash several years ago, the market is still going crazy and offers a number of different bargains and discounts in a wide variety of areas. We at LYTD want to show you where you can save good money.

Comparison portals

If you already know which item you would like, comparison portals like Check24 or Idealo are by far one of the safest and fastest ways to find the best price. You can often order directly via the portal, which speeds up the sales process even more. Another feature that most offer is price tracking. For example, you can set an “alarm clock” for an article via email that goes off as soon as a product falls below a certain price. Or you can also track its price development over a certain period of time. And that's super interesting! The items on Black Friday are not always cheaper and in the buying frenzy it is easy to overlook this.

Electronics & Co

Media Markt and Saturn are known for regularly competing against each other in price wars. Therefore, if you are interested in electronic goods, you should visit there regularly. You will definitely find what you are looking for here. According to several rumors , the PS5 will also be discounted for the first time , but you'll definitely have to be quick here. The actually even better option is to wait for Cyber ​​Monday. This is always on the first Monday after Black Friday. However, you don't know in advance what's on offer and you might miss out on a bargain on Black Friday. Therefore, caution is advised.

Fashion & Clothes

Avocado Store and ASOS are again at the forefront when it comes to discount promotions this year. But don't forget the store. Buying clothes in a store still has the advantage of trying them on and is much more environmentally friendly. You also support your local retail business.


And of course, there are still the really big mail order companies like Amazon. They simply offer everything. There are usually really strong discounts here. However, it is also advisable to take a look around away from the giant. Otto, for example, is a German alternative and is much more environmentally friendly and employee friendly. Support the locals 😊. The shopping platform Ebay now also has countless commercial dealers who offer a similar variety of products to Amazon. Also with features like free premium shipping, buyer protection and easy returns.

Keep your eyes and ears open friends, and grab your bargains! Have fun on Black Friday

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