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What can I do during the summer holidays?

Was kann ich in den Sommerferien machen?

Now the time has come. You actually work towards this moment all year long. The bell rings for the last time for the school year and you head straight towards freedom. The summer holidays are by far the best time of the year for students 😊 But what should you do with all that time? Every student has probably asked themselves this question at some point. That's why we at LYTD have made it our mission to accompany you through the summer holidays in the best possible way.

Go on vacation

As a student, this is probably in the hands of your parents, at least up to a certain age. But there are also countless offers in the sense of an accompanied (party) holiday. JAM Reisen and Mango Tours are just two providers of many that travel to countless travel destinations. Zrce, Golden Sands, Malle or Lorret - what more could you want than to just relax and dance with your best friends after a hard school year? :)

Leisure activities at home

Everyone knows that. You come from school, still have tons of material to learn and the presentation is already tomorrow. Sometimes free time is definitely neglected in the stressful everyday school life. Therefore, now is the perfect time to focus on your hobby again or, alternatively, to look for a new one. Football, handball, basketball - but also activities such as hiking or mountain biking can in most cases be easily completed at home.

Time with friends and family

When was the last time you visited your grandparents? When was the last time you did something with your best friend from elementary school? Like so many things, relationships are usually neglected. Use the time you have to do something with your loved ones. Even though you hear this often, you never know when or if the next opportunity to see someone will come. So, call and arrange a meeting!

Be productive

You can already be productive in your hobbies or leisure activities, but have you ever asked yourself when was the last time you learned something outside of school, entirely for yourself and entirely out of your own interest? The last book you read, did you want to read it or did you have to read it for school? The thought of being back at a desk can be really scary, I know. But there are really exciting reads out there that can enchant you. Give them a chance. Or that one language you've always wanted to learn. Go for it!

Me-Time aka Main Character Time

In exchange for productivity, don't forget that it's YOUR summer vacation. Do whatever you want and give yourself time for yourself. Admittedly, at a younger age, words like “self-reflection” or “personal development” are rather uninteresting, but they can still have a big influence on you, especially because of your young age.

Finally, it remains to be said, plan your summer vacation in such a way that your answer to your colleagues' question on the first day of school "How were your summer vacation?" is, in the best case scenario, "Too wild!"

And when you're back at school, you can use the energy you gained from your holidays to drive forward an awesome and sustainable project with us. Your own sustainable fashion collection at your school, where even Justin from PESO® would say “I feel”. Including a free e-commerce store from us.

Simply order our free information package and find out how we can create a professional design, take care of the digital processing, production and marketing of your school collection. This way you have more time for other things.

Until then, happy holidays and a good start to the new school year!
Your LYTD® team