Erasmus-von-Rotterdam-Gymnasium Viersen Abiwood (AK 2024)

Erasmus-von-Rotterdam-Gymnasium Viersen Abiwood (AK 2024)

Aesthetic heavy graduation hoodie, sweater and T-shirts with Abiwood design by LYTD Fashion for the Erasmus von Rotterdam High School Viersen (AK 2024). Of course, the classes also ordered oversized products from LYTD. See for yourself how good it looks and how much an aesthetic graduation hoodie brings the class together:


If you would like to have your own individual design for your high school diploma or graduation motto, please contact us and request a free offer : https://www.lytd.de/angebot


We will create free design drafts for you, an online shop for processing and accompany you in the development of your final hoodie collection with personal contacts. Inquire now!

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